Meet Our Team





CEO - Chairman

Mark Chamberlain


Rand Hulsing


Uli Willburger


Laurent Neuviale


Dr. Al Erisman


Roszel Thomsen


Roger Eigsti



In 2007 company management and shareowners established an outside board of directors as an important next step in the maturation of the company. The expanded board provides a broad group of experienced leadership from a cross-section of industries and functions.


Members of the Board also include Laurent Neuviale, Ulrich Willburger, Dr. Al Erisman, Roger Eigsti and the two co-founders of the company, Rand Hulsing II, Chief Scientist, and Mark Chamberlain, CEO.


Mark Chamberlain is a cofounder of Gladiator with than 20 years of executive experience in both leading large corporate and small startup advanced technology companies serving aerospace, defense and energy markets. From 2002 through 2005, Mr. Chamberlain was the Director of Marketing at Systron Donner, a leading supplier of MEMS systems. He also has served in varied leadership positions including executive management, operations, program management, new business development, marketing, sales and contracts.


Rand Hulsing is a cofounder of Gladiator and business partner with Mark Chamberlain. He is the main designer for all of Gladiator's products.  He has also designed automated test equipment for these products including computer controlled rotation and position temperature chambers, temperature cycling chambers and automated data reduction programs. He has also worked at L-3 Communications as a Chief Scientist for 4.5 years and worked on precision capacitive pickoff, force rebalance accelerometers in a rate sensing scheme. He has a more than 30 years of experience in Instrument Systems. Mr. Hulsing's work continues with dual axis gyros, precision silicon accelerometers, Kalman filter INS, and other product development. 


Dr. Al Erisman was announced the appointment to the Board of Directors on September 2nd, 2008. Dr. Erisman has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and prior to his appointment at Gladiator enjoyed a 30-plus year successful career in technology leadership positions at Boeing. He retired as Boeing's Director of Technology and now currently serves as the Executive-In-Residence at Seattle Pacific University. He is also the executive editor and co-founder of Ethix (, and speaks on the subject of business ethics and technology in many parts of the world.


Mr. Roszel Thomsen was announced the appointment to the Board of Directors on January 28th, 2009. Mr. Thomsen concentrates on international trade and investment law, with emphasis on representing information technology companies and their trade associations in regulatory, legislative and enforcement matters. He is co-author of United States Export Controls, 2005 edition, and an editor of The Internet Law Journal. He is a member of the Steering Committee on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Information Technology Study Group and has participated as an Industry Representative on the United States Delegation to the Wassenaar Arrangement. Currently Mr. Thomsen is a partner in the law firm of Thomsen and Burke LLP and is a member of the American Bar Assocation, District of Columbia Bar and the Maryland Bar Association.


Mr. Roger Eigsti was announced the appointment to the Board of Directors onAugust 22nd, 2008. Mr. Eigsti is the former Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of SAFECO Corporation. During his 28-year tenure with Safeco, Roger held numerous executive leadership roles and was responsible for the $2.8 billion acquisition of American States Financial Corporation in 1997. Roger was the recipient of the Puget Sound Business Journal Executive of the Year in 1998. He received a BS degree from Linfield College and was a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In addition to his executive leadership role at Safeco, Roger has an extensive background in financial leadership having served on several for profit boards including: Washington Mutual (one of the largest Mortgage Banks in the U.S), Security Pacific Bank of Washington and startups including Inrix.