Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance MEMS inertial sensors, systems and integrated INS/GPS. The company designs high performance inertial sensors and systems products primarily for high-end commercial applications with demanding environmental requirements. Our products are used in hundreds of applications in traditional Aerospace and Defense markets, Automotive Testing, Motorsports Racing Markets as well as other transportation markets including Rail, Marine, Energy Commercial and Industrial Applications.


Some of the company's fastest growing global markets are in unmanned vehicles, platform stabilization and image stabilization. We provide a variety of products for various applications including navigation, flight control, gimbal, EO/IR, image platform and antenna stabilization for various platforms and vehicles including UAV's, UGV's, USV's and UUV's. These applications are for a variety of markets including commercial, motorsports, automotive testing, rail, marine as well as police, border control and military applications.



Marine, Rail, & Transport Commercial Aerospace Automotive Testing
  • Marine Compass/ AHRS
  • Marine Motion Monitering
  • Rail Ride Comfort Systems
  • Track Telemetry
  • Racing Yachts
  • Image Stabilization/ Position
  • Instrumentation/ Robotics
  • Motion Monitoring



  • Guidance, Navigation & Control
  • Flight Control Sensors/ Systems
  • Stabilization of EO/IR/CC Video
  • antenna/ Platform Stabilization
  • Instrumentation
  • Motorsports Racing
  • Test Track & Racing Vehicles
  • Formula One (F-1)
  • MotoGP Racing


Unmanned Vehicles Energy Defense Avionics
  • Backup Flight Control
  • Fixed Wing UAVs
  • Primary GN&C
  • Airships, UGVs & UUVs
  • Gimbal Stabilization
  • Energy Downhole MWD
  • Pipeline Pigs
  • Mining
  • Agriculture Motion Systems



  • Classified Applications
  • Moving Platform Compensation
  • Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Targeting Stabilization



  • Flight Testing
  • Antenna Stabilization
  • Airborne Image Stabilization