Gladiator Launches New Website


Published on 07/01/2013



Gladiator Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at:


The new website offers a contemporary look and streamlined user experience. It features enhanced resources and functionality designed exclusively for the MEMS Inertial community and strategic end-users.


The website is a true resource for engineers and customers, offering critical information downloads; including product datasheets, software development kit and display software, and the company flyer.


The enhanced “Product” section affords visitors the ability to see every product family and product type available with large, detailed images and side-by-side comparison of specifications that allow for quick, simple decision-making. Other innovative functions include an upgraded “Technical Support” section—designed to offer valuable information in just one click—that includes a demo videos built-in player, comprehensive available software list and information on web conferencing and remote sessions.


The website has also expanded to include a comprehensive glossary of inertial engineering terms, export compliance information, and other useful pages which have been added to boost user productivity.


The “Contact” section offers an easy to use, fillable Contact Form, creating an easy way to get in touch with Gladiator’s Sales Department without having to open a new tab or new email message. Need to get in direct contact with the nearest representative? The new “Find Your Rep” page features a dynamic map, pinpointing the locations of Gladiator Technologies’ representatives worldwide. This page functions to put their customers and users in control, to engage with their local rep.


Gladiator has also branched out to be included in many of today’s most popular social networks. Access to Gladiator’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ profile, as well as their YouTube channel can be found on the social network tab on the left side of every page.


To see the new website, please visit


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