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LandMark™70 IMU


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LandMark™70 IMU DataSheet PDF

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The LandMark™70 IMU offers wide

application usage:


platform stabilization

EO/IR stabilization

• antenna stabilization & pointing

• railway motion monitoring

• flight control & navigation

• automotive testing



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Inertial Measurement Unit


The LandMark™70 IMU is one of the world's highest performance NON-ITAR MEMS IMU's enabled by our G150Z gyros, which offer 0.0009°/sec/√Hz (~0.038°/√Hr) Angle Random Walk (ARW) noise. The IMU offers "tactical grade" high performance with 1°/hr in-run bias stability, excellent bias and scale factor over temperature, rugged durability through both shock and vibration as well as precision alignment and modeled g-sensitivity.


Serial RS422/RS485 data at 2.5kHz (10 kHz internally sampled) outputs fully compensated data for the most demanding applications.


Designed for stabilization, motion monitoring and navigation applications this IMU is ideal for commercial applications requiring high inertial performance approaching “FOG-Class”, yet available at much lower cost.


Other key advantages include low power consumption, small size, light weight and no inherent wear out modes for long life.





6 Degrees of Freedom MEMS IMU



The IMU’s performance is optimized with industry leading modelling and fully temperature compensated bias and scale factor as well as compensated misalignment and g-sensitivity.


The unit is environmentally sealed in a rugged enclosure

and Mil-Spec connector in order to withstand environmental vibration and shock typically associated with commercial aircraf, rail and automotive requirements.

•   NON-ITAR Commercial MEMS IMU

•   1°/hr in-run bias stability
•   0.0009°/sec/√Hz ~ 0.038°/√Hr ARW Noise

  • •   RS422/ RS485 Serial Data Format
  • •   Data Rate 2.5 kHz - User Selectable (10 kHz Internally Sampled)
  • •   Simple integration supported by SDK


Available Configurations:

LMRK70IMU-100-02-100 or -06 or -10
LMRK70IMU-175-02-100 or -06 or -10
LMRK70IMU-300-02-100 or -06 or -10
NON-ITAR Commercial High Performance MEMS IMU
In-Run Gyro Bias 1°/hour 1σ
Low Gyro ARW Noise 0.0009°/sec/√Hz ~ 0.038°/√Hr
Low Accel Noise 0.020mg/√Hz (2g)
RS485 Data Rate (2.5kHz user selectable) Internally Sampled @ 10kHz
Wide Sensor Bandwidth 200 Hz - Bandwidth Filtering Capability
Input Power +6V to +36V (single sided)
Fully Temperature Compensated Bias and Scale Factor
Compensated Misalignment < 0.5 mrad and g-Sensitivity <0.002°/sec/g
External Sync (5kHz)
Firmware for Turning Error Correction (External Velocity Input Req.)
Fully Temperature Compensated Bias and Scale Factor
Light Weight ≤450 grams
Small Size <321cm3/19.6in3
Precision Alignment
Internal Vibration Isolation 6 gRMS
Shock Resistant 500g's
6 Internal Temperature Sensors
Self Test & No Wearout Modes
Export Classification: Commerce ECCN7A994

Datasheet & Technical User Guide

LandMark™70 IMU DataSheet PDF

LandMark™70 IMU Technical User GuidePDF


Oultline Drawing & Solid Model

LandMark™70 IMU Outline Drawing PDF

LandMark™ C-Code Library

LandMark™70 IMU STEP File


Free .STEP File Reader available at: http://www.ida-step.net/


SDK Software


LandMark™70 IMU SDK Datasheet PDF


Product Test Data

LandMark™70 IMU Test Data PDF




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