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LandMark™50 INS/GPS


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The LandMark™50 INS/GPS offers wide

application usage:


platform stabilization

EO/IR stabilization

• antenna stabilization & pointing

• railway motion monitoring

• flight control & navigation

• automotive testing

• laboratory use



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LandMark™ GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System


The LandMark™50 INS/GPS is the lowest noise version of our standard LandMark™ INS/GPS and now also features CANBUS output. GPS aiding is included in all units for turning error correction as well as for continued output during short-term GPS dropouts.


The unit features a 72 Channel GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS & SBAS (Galileo Ready*) with up to 18Hz GPS position update rate integrated with a high performance inertial suite that includes ultra low noise gyros and accelerometers with exceptional bias in-run and bias over temperature performance.


The GPS-Aided INS is highly durable and can withstand environmental vibration, shock and EMI typically associated with commercial aircraft requirements. The LandMark™ 50 INS/GPS is well suited for flight control, navigation, image & antenna stabilization and pointing, general aviation, automotive testing, as well as laboratory use.






9 Degrees of Freedom MEMS INS/GPS


The INS/GPS performance is optimized with fully temperature compensated bias and scale factor, and compensated misalignment and g-sensitivity.


The unit is environmentally sealed in a rugged enclosure and Mil-Spec connector in order to withstand environmental vibration and shock typically associated with commercial aircraft requirements.

•   NON-ITAR Commercial MEMS INS/GPS

•   1°/hr in-run bias stability
•   0.0009°/sec/√Hz angle random walk

•   RS422/ RS485/CAN 2.0B Serial Data Format

•   72 Channel GNSS and up to 18Hz GPS Position Update Rate

•  GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and QZSS & SBAS (Galileo Ready*)

•   Simple integration supported by SDK



Available Configurations:

LMRK50INSGPS-100-02-200 or -06 or -10
LMRK50INSGPS-175-02-200 or -06 or -10
LMRK50INSGPS-300-02-200 or -06 or -10

High Performance NON-ITAR Commercial MEMS GPS-Aided INS with CAN BUS

5 NMPH Free Inertial (Short-Term GPS Outages)
72 Channel GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS & SBAS (Galileo Ready*)
SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS User Selectable Option
Up to 18 Hz GPS Position Update Rate
GPS Velocity Accuracy 0.05 m/s
GPS Heading Accuracy 0.3 degrees
GPS Accuracy ± 2.5m CEP Stationary
Ultra Low Noise Gyros 0.0009°/sec/√Hz 1σ
Low Noise Accels 0.02mg/√Hz 1σ
In-Run Gyro Bias 1°/hour 1σ
Fully Compensated Bias, Scale Factor, Misalignment, g-Sensitivity, Heading & Altitude
RS422/RS455 Serial Data Format 100Hz
Low Power < 1 W typical
Input Voltage +6V to +36V
Light Weight < 450 grams
Small Size < 360cm3/21.8in3
Export Classification: Commerce ECCN7A994



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