Low noise, high speed, MEMS AHRS.

The DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System is designed for downhole orientation and directional guidance applications. The small size of this AHRS (1” diameter by 2.125” length) enables its use in tight drilling and utility spaces. The DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System provides temperature compensated RS422/RS485 output of pitch, roll, and yaw angles.  

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Cubic Inches


Yaw Angle 




Shock Rating


In-Run Bias


Vibration Rating


The G300D is Gladiator Technologies’ high speed, three-axis MEMS gyroscope equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. 

Gladiator Technologies’ cutting edge data processing suite enabling filtered digital output without sacrificing inertial performance.

Gladiator Inertial products are factory calibrated, modeled and conditioned over temperature, -50°C to +85°C, shock and vibration.

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