Gladiator Technologies is proud to announce our next generation of advanced technology inertial systems which implement our newest and highest performance family of gyros and accelerometers. The product series implements new lower noise gyros and accelerometers into our existing family of LandMark™ systems offering both lower noise, better bias and various packaging improvements including improved environmental sealing and connectors.

These units are highly durable and can withstand environmental vibration and shock typically associated with demanding application requirements. These MEMS sensors also offer a selection of rate ranges. They are also temperature compensated for bias and offer g-sensitivity correction. The scale factor, bias, misalignment and temperature sensor thermal data are supplied with each unit. Utilizing Gladiator’s proprietary design, precision manufacturing and automated test processes enable this sensor to have performance that far exceeds that of many other competing MEMS sensors.

G300D Gyro

Triaxial Gyro

Low Noise 0.0028°/sec/√Hz

18 grams


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G150Z Gyro

Single Axis Gyro

Low Noise 0.001°/sec/√Hz

28 grams

Analog Output

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A40 Accel

Single Axis Accel

Low Noise 0.065mg/√Hz

15 grams

Analog Output

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