LMRK005INSGPS Inertial Navigation System

LandMark™005 INS/GPS

The LandMark™005 INS/GPS is a high performance, low noise Inertial Navigation System with 72 Channel GNSS and VELOX™ High Speed Processing. An Extended Kalman Filter is included for turning error correction and continuous output during GPS denied outages – within 3 NMPH Free Inertial. This INS/GPS is highly durable and can withstand environmental vibration, shock, and EMI typically associated with commercial aerospace requirements. The LandMark™005 INS/GPS is well suited for UAV flight control, navigation, stabilization and pointing in size restricted applications that need precision inertial performance.

Key Specifications: 

  • 3 NMPH Free Inertial (Short Term)
  • 0.0028°/sec/√Hz ARW, 0.05mg /√Hz VRW
  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing, 
  • 10Hz GPS position Update Rate
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available
  • Non-ITAR

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