LandMark™65 IMU

The LandMark™65 IMU is our small mid-performance NON-ITAR MEMS IMU which offers low noise gyros with 0.0016°/sec/√Hz (250°/s) Angle Random Walk (ARW). The IMU offers mid-performance with 5°/hr in-run bias stability, excellent bias and scale factor over temperature, rugged durability through both shock and vibration as well as precision alignment and modeled g-sensitivity. Serial RS422/RS485 data at 5 kHz (User Selectable) outputs as well as CANBUS 2.0B 1MHz offers high speed fully compensated data for the most demanding applications.

Designed for stabilization, motion monitoring and navigation applications this IMU is ideal for commercial applications requiring high inertial performance approaching “FOG-Class”, yet available at much lower cost.

Other key advantages include low power consumption, small size, light weight and no inherent wear out modes for long life. Check out our other IMUs here.

Product Features

  • High Performance IMU
  • 5°/hr In-Run Bias
  • Low Gyro Noise 0.0016°/sec/√Hz
  • Low Accel Noise 0.035mg/√Hz
  • 5 kHz Output Data Rate
  • 6 kHz with External Sync
  • 115 grams

Document Downloads

LandMark™65 IMU DataSheet PDF

LandMark™65 IMU User Guide PDF

LandMark™65 IMU Outline DWG PDF

LandMark™65 IMU STEP File

LandMark™65 IMU Test Data          - Coming Soon

SDK Software

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