LandMark™ 01 IMU

The LandMark™01 IMU is an affordable, low noise, six-axis MEMS IMU. Unlike other low priced alternatives, this compact IMU comes factory calibrated over the full temperature range and is conditioned over environments.The LandMark™01’s low cost, small size, and excellent performance make it ideal for applications in stabilization, low cost navigation, and flight testing.

LMRK01IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

Product Highlights

5 kHz

Analog Output


0.065 mg /√Hz



In-Run Bias





Cubic Inches




We put all our products through extensive environmental tests so they’re ready to perform right out of the box. Temperature Calibration is included with every product. 

Gladiator Technologies products are NON-ITAR and do not require a validated export license. 


Don’t compromise between performance and low price. With our IMUs you can have both.

Seahawk Helicopter Deploying Countermeasures

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