G150Z Gyroscope

G150Z MEMS Gyroscope

The G150Z Analog MEMS Gyroscope is a small, ultra-fast, single axis gyro featuring low noise MEM’s sensors. This environmentally sealed gyro is rated for 500g shock and 6g RMS vibration. The G150Z’s analog output voltage is ±4.75 volts and it is available in three rate ranges.  Applications include stabilization, flight control, navigation and automotive testing.

Key Specifications:

  • 1.2°/h Short Term Bias Stability 
  • 3.0°/hr Long Term Bias Stability 
  • 0.001°/s/√Hz ARW
  • ± 100°/sec, ± 175°/sec, ± 300°/sec ranges
  • Small size and light weight (28 grams)
  • Low Power Consumption (20 mA)
  • Non-ITAR 

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