Gladiator Technologies Releases Next-Generation SX2 Inertial Sensors

Gladiator Technologies Releases Next-Generation SX2 Inertial Sensors

Gladiator Technologies has released an upgraded product line of low noise, high speed MEMS inertial sensors. The next-generation SX2 line offers major advancements in performance including ARW as low as 0.0018˚/s/√Hz, 600 Hz Bandwidth, up to 10 kHz data rate and digital message delay below 100µs through improvements to Gladiator Technologies’ lightning-fast VELOX™ processing technology.


“The SX2 products build on the success of the previous generation SX line, qualified and integrated for multiple defense and commercial applications,” stated Eric Yates, Vice President of Business Development. “We are thrilled to offer performance previously reserved for large inertial systems in each of our products smaller than 1 cubic inch; enhancing our technical capability while maintaining the SWaP-C advantage of our low noise MEMS sensors.”


Products included in the SX2 upgrade include the G300D Triaxial GyroscopeLandMark™005 IMU, and the LandMark™007 and LandMark™007X IMUs designed for high dynamic applications. Each product offers customers common performance features and unique choices for gyroscope rate up to 2000˚/s and accelerometer range up to 200g.


Each of the SX2 products features Gladiator Technologies’ cutting-edge VELOX™ technology designed to drive high speed filtered outputs without sacrificing gyro and accelerometer sensor performance.


“The SX2 product line leverages all of our continuous improvement efforts over three years,” stated Lee Dunbar, Chief Software Architect. “The 35% improvement in ARW performance and expanded VELOX™ capabilities have further reduced digital message delay through user customized baud rates and bandwidth and further establish Gladiator inertial sensors as the premier MEMS choice for precision stabilization applications.”


Gladiator Technologies’ SX2 Products:
G300D Triaxial Gyroscope
LandMark™005 IMU
LandMark™007 IMU
LandMark™007X IMU


Key Features:
As low as 0.0018°/s/√Hz ARW
600 Hz Bandwidth
0.075°/s Bias Over Temperature
VELOX™ Processing


Further technical information is available at Gladiator Technologies website; or by contacting

ION GNSS+ Conference 2022

Gladiator Technologies will be exhibiting at the Institute of Navigation’s GNSS+ Conference, 2022.  Taking place September 19-23 at the Hyatt Regency Denver in the Colorado Convention Center, in Denver, Colorado. ION GNSS is the world’s largest international technical meeting and showcase of GNSS and related technology, products and services.  Making this a great opportunity to meet our team and learn about our selection of low noise, high speed MEMS inertial sensors.  

Please visit us at exhibit booth 117 or schedule a meeting with a member of our team. You can also take a preview by visiting our online exhibitor profile at: 

Joint Navigation Conference 2022

Gladiator Technologies will be exhibiting at the Institute of Navigation’s (ION) Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) 2022. Sponsored by the Military Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION), JNC is the largest U.S. military Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) conference of the year, with joint service and government participation.

It’s one of the best opportunities to meet our team and learn about why Gladiator’s selection of MEMS Inertial Sensors are becoming the premier sensors of choice for remote navigation, stabilization, and guidance applications. JNC 2022 will be held June 6-9 at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, California. 

Please visit us at exhibit booth 325 or schedule a meeting with a member of our team. You can also take a preview by visiting our online exhibitor profile at: 

News: VELOX™ High Speed Processing

High Speed Outputs Expand MEMS Options for Inertial Measurement Units, INS/GPS and Gyroscopes.

APRIL 25, 2019

With output speeds reaching 10 kHz and message timing as low as 185 μsec, Gladiator Technologies’ MEMS IMUs with VELOX™ Processing are the clear choice for inertial engineers requiring high performance at an affordable price.

VELOX™ Processing technology employs advanced rapid sampling and signal processing techniques to output data at high speed with minimal phase lag. VELOX™ enables system designers to replace legacy analog Inertial Systems and Rate Sensors with affordable, high speed digital inertial systems and sensors.

VELOX™ Processing encompasses our unique high speed, low latency technology and creates technical advantages for system designers, especially those focused on stabilization,” commented Eric Yates, Business Development Manager at Gladiator Technologies.

All Gladiator Technologies SX Series digital IMUs, Gyroscopes and INS/GPS products incorporate VELOX™ Processing with a range of high-speed outputs depending on the model selected. Because high output speeds require external sync inputs for system coordination, the SX Series product design includes dedicated external sync connector pins and product firmware which allows customers to select the output speed and baud rate best suited to the application.

  • Data Outputs up to 10 kHz
  • Message Timing as low as 185µsec
  • Minimal Phase Lag
  • Up to 6 Mbaud
  • Up to 350 Hz Bandwidth

“Customer interest in high speed output and near analog response encouraged us to consider non-traditional processing methods,” stated Lee Dunbar, Gladiator Technologies’ Chief Software Architect and holder of 11 patents. “The result of this effort is VELOX™ Processing for applications requiring real-time, high resolution inertial data.”

Gladiator Technologies will be exhibiting at AUVSI Xponential in Chicago, April 29-May 2 and Sea-Air-Space in National Harbor May 6-8.  IMU, INS/GPS, and sensor product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website, Sales and technical inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website  or through one of the international support representatives also listed on the site at

Gladiator Technologies Pushes MEMS Performance with High Speed LandMark 60 IMU

LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers 5kHz data rates and low noise sensors with easy to configure options for application customization.

Published on September 26, 2018

Snoqualmie, WA; September 26, 2018 – GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to introduce its highest performance IMU, the LandMarkTM 60.  Designed for precision stabilization, flight control and complex motion, the LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers the accuracy and speed to replace legacy analog technologies and a price point that enables new cost-effective inertial measurement solutions.

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU features low noise gyros, 0.0016°/sec/√Hz, low noise accels, 0.05mg/√Hz and up to 6kHz data rate with external sync. Gladiator Technologies uses proprietary methods to ensure performance repeatability and to minimize sensor bias and scale factor errors over a full temperature range.  The unit itself is small and lightweight, drawing less than 500mW in typical applications.

“We’ve packed an incredible amount of performance into our all new LandMarkTM 60 IMUs,” commented Len McNally, Gladiator Technologies’ Vice President of Business Development.  “Specifically, the LandMarkTM 60 offers very low noise output with very high-speed processing and data rate in an environmentally robust package.”

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU draws upon Gladiator Technologies’ SX-series architecture, which extends sensor fusion technologies into high speed applications with industry leading message latency less than 200 µsec. The output offers minimal phase lag like an analog sensor by virtually eliminating typical signal processing and digital conversion overheads.

“The hallmark signature of our new SX Series inertial family is industry leading low sensor noise coupled with our new digital electronics architecture, which offers extremely fast data rates and reduced latency. The LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers the very best in these technologies,” stated Mark Chamberlain, CEO.

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU provides a standard RS422/RS485 digital output as well as a CAN bus output option.  External sync input, bit rate, output message rate and baud rate are all selectable via the Gladiator Technologies Software Development Kit (SDK) or by easy-to-use software protocols.  Product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website,  Sales inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website ( or through one of the international support representatives listed on the site.


GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and supports low-noise, high performance MEMS-based inertial measurement systems and sensors for aerial, land and marine applications.  Design and manufacturing is performed on site and is certified to AS9100D.

G300D MEMS Rate Package Offers Compelling Benefits for New and Retrofit Applications

Low Noise, High Speed Data Output Three-Axis Gyro Available for Demanding Optical Image Stabilization Applications

GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES has introduced a three-axis, inertial rate system, the G300D gyro.  With small size, low power and high speed, the G300D gyro is particularly well-suited for image stabilization applications.

The G300D is just .67 cubic inches, boasts message timing under 150 microseconds and output data rates up to 8kHz with external sync. This feature packed MEMS Gyro has an extremely low ARW of <0.0028°/sec/√Hz and an option for both 24 and 32-Bit LSB for exceptional resolution. Users can configure the G300D to their desired configuration using a Software Development Kit or through software protocols – all designed to simplify the integration process.

The G300D Digital Triax Gyroscope

“The G300D, with a 250Hz bandwidth, allows user to replace more complicated and expensive gyros for image stabilization applications.  The three-axis package is also convenient for mounting in any orientation for tight space requirements,” commented Rand Hulsing, Chief Scientist at Gladiator Technologies.

“The G300D product is a good example of our SX-series architecture, which has enabled Gladiator to extend our sensor fusion technologies into high speed applications with message latency under 150 usec,” added Lee Dunbar, Chief Software Architect at Gladiator Technologies.  “This output offers minimal phase lag like an analog sensor by virtually eliminating typical signal processing and digital conversion overheads.”

The G300D gyro is non-ITAR.  Further product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website.  Sales inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website ( or through one of the international support representatives also listed on the site.


Gladiator Technologies Achieves Aerospace Industry’s AS9100D Certification

Transition from AS9100C to AS9100D Successfully Completed

Gladiator Technologies is pleased to announce that we have achieved third-party certification to AS9100D. 

The certification applies to all design, distribution, manufacturing and logistics activities at Gladiator Technologies. 

The company’s previous certification was to AS9100C. The AS9100D standard is based on ISO 9001 but expands 

on that standard for the specific needs of the aerospace industry. Currently, only 115 companies in Washington State

 have successfully transitioned to AS9100D (source

“The transition to a process-based Quality Management System took us to the next level in how we manage
quality” commented Bob Bishop, Director of Quality. “With process ownership now firmly established, we will
benefit from an even more efficient and effective management of the QMS. Employees are more engaged in the
quality functions than ever before. The added value of key process indicators provides our management a visual
indication of effectiveness for each core process.”

Mark Chamberlain, CEO of Gladiator Technologies, receives the AS9100D Certificate.

AS9100D benefits include a focus on product safety, provisions for counterfeit parts prevention and an emphasis on
managing risk in all processes. Gladiator Technologies’ implementation included training for all employees as
well as internal audits to ensure understanding and compliance ahead of the third-party audit.

“LKD Aerospace’s Quality Management System also covers Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21,
sub part K. Working with Seattle MIDO, the FAA approval of the necessary changes made to meet the
transition to AS9100D was achieved without impact to our tight schedule,” stated Bishop.

The AS9100D certificate is posted on websites and Evidence of certification is also available on The
transition from AS9100C to AS9110D included a change in registrars from DQS to ASACB. LKD has worked
for many years with ASA-100 on distribution certification and is pleased to extend the relationship to our
AS9100D certification.

2018 Upcoming Shows and Events



April 23-26

Sponsored by the Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (AESS), and the Institute of Navigation (ION), PLANS is an in-depth technical conference for navigation technology – like the LandMark60 INS/GPS.

Contact us to schedule a meeting





April 30- May 3
Booth #425 – Map

XPONENTIAL is the place to be for Unmanned Systems. We’ll be there with our SX Series of Inertial Systems, proven in demanding flight control, navigation, platform and image stabilization applications in VTOL, Fixed Wing, USV, UUV’s and UGV’s.

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OTC – Houston
April 30 – May 3
Booth #6249 – Map

Come by and see the DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System, our new AHRS designed specifically for downhole orientation and directional guidance applications. It is ideal for directional drilling in support of utilities i.e. power lines, telecom or in vertical wells.

Contact us to schedule a meeting

A300D Document Download

Document package includes; User Guide, Outline Drawing, STEP file, and Sample Test Data in a .ZIP folder will download automatically.

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