Schiebel Camcopter

Low Noise. High Performance.
Inertial Systems and Sensors

Gladiator Technologies offers field proven tactical grade inertial systems
with low noise sensors and ultra fast data rates. All products are factory
calibrated and ready to perform out of the box.

LMRK005IMU Inertial Measurement Unit


Designed with low noise sensors and factory calibrated over temperature. Gladiator IMUs have lightning fast output rates and multiple range options to cover a variety of applications.

A40 Accelerometer

Gyroscopes & Accelerometers

Low Noise MEMS sensors with industry leading output rates up to 10kHz. Gladiator inertial sensors are factory calibrated and ready for the most challenging environments.

LMRK60INSGPS Inertial Navigation System


Complete INS/GPS solutions with advanced sensor fusion combining Gladiator Technologies' inertial technology and GPS for accurate heading - even in GPS denied environments.

DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System

Utility Guidance

The DIGS-100 AHRS is designed to meet the needs of the utility indsutry. Certified to IP68, the DIGS100 is designed specifically for directional guidance applications.

Inertial Measurement Units

High Performance,
High Speed

LMRK60LXIMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™60LX IMU

High Performance IMU
Low noise gyros / 0.0016°/sec/√Hz
28 µg √Hz VRW

LMRK65IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™65 IMU

High Performance / High Range
Up to 2000°/sec Gyro range & 40g Accel
Low noise gyros and accelerometers

MRM60IMU Analog Inertial Measurement Unit


High Performance Analog Output
3° Hour In Run Bias Stability
Low noise gyros / 0.0016°/sec/√Hz

Ultra Small,
Ultra Fast

LMRK005IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™005 IMU

Ultra Small 6 axis MEMS IMU / 0.6" cube
490°/sec Gyro range & 15g Accel
10kHz output rate

LMRK007IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™007 IMU

High Range / Ultra Small MEMS IMU
Up to 2000°/sec & 98g Accel
Custom Ranges available

LMRK01IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™01 IMU

Ultra Small Size
Low Cost
Low Noise 0.0035°/sec/√Hz

Gyroscopes & Accelerometers

G300D Triaxial Gyroscope

G300D Gyro

Triaxial MEMS Gyro
Up to 10kHz Output Rate
0.6" cube

G150Z Gyroscope

G150Z Gyro

Single Axis Gyro
Analog Output
0.001°/sec/√Hz ARW

A40 Accelerometer

A40 Accelerometer

Single Axis Accel
Analog Output
0.065 mg/√Hz

Inertial Navigation

LMRK60INSGPS Inertial Navigation System

LandMark™60 INS/GPS

High Performance Inertial Navigation
With Extended Kalman Filter
2 NMPH Free Inertial

LMRK005INSGPS Inertial Navigation System

LandMark™005 INS/GPS

Small Rugged Inertial Navigation System
2.13" cube, lightweight, low power
3 NMPH Free Inertial

Utility Guidance

DIGS™100 Inertial Guidance System


AHRS Inertial Guidance System
Yaw and Toolface Angles 0.5° 1σ
Pitch and Roll Angles 0.1° 1σ

Not sure which product fits your application?

We can help choose the inertial product right for you.

Ready out of the box

We put all our products through extensive environmental tests so they're ready to perform right out of the box. Temperature Calibration is included with every product.


Gladiator Technologies products are NON-ITAR and do not require a validated export license.

Built for Rough Treatment

Highly durable to withstand vibration, shock & temperature associated with demanding application requirements.

Get more for Less

Don't compromise between performance and low price. With our IMUs you can have both.