G300D MEMS Rate Package Offers Compelling Benefits for New and Retrofit Applications

Low Noise, High Speed Data Output Three-Axis Gyro Available for Demanding Optical Image Stabilization Applications

GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES has introduced a three-axis, inertial rate system, the G300D gyro.  With small size, low power and high speed, the G300D gyro is particularly well-suited for image stabilization applications.

The G300D is just .67 cubic inches, boasts message timing under 150 microseconds and output data rates up to 8kHz with external sync. This feature packed MEMS Gyro has an extremely low ARW of <0.0028°/sec/√Hz and an option for both 24 and 32-Bit LSB for exceptional resolution. Users can configure the G300D to their desired configuration using a Software Development Kit or through software protocols – all designed to simplify the integration process.

The G300D Digital Triax Gyroscope

“The G300D, with a 250Hz bandwidth, allows user to replace more complicated and expensive gyros for image stabilization applications.  The three-axis package is also convenient for mounting in any orientation for tight space requirements,” commented Rand Hulsing, Chief Scientist at Gladiator Technologies.

“The G300D product is a good example of our SX-series architecture, which has enabled Gladiator to extend our sensor fusion technologies into high speed applications with message latency under 150 usec,” added Lee Dunbar, Chief Software Architect at Gladiator Technologies.  “This output offers minimal phase lag like an analog sensor by virtually eliminating typical signal processing and digital conversion overheads.”

The G300D gyro is non-ITAR.  Further product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website.  Sales inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website (https://f11.7cd.myftpupload.com/contact/) or through one of the international support representatives also listed on the site.


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