Low Noise. High Performance.
Inertial Systems and Sensors

Products – MEMS IMUs, INS/GPS, Gyro, Accel, AHRS

Low Noise. High Performance. Inertial Systems and Sensors Gladiator Technologies offers field proven tactical grade inertial systems with low noise sensors and ultra fast data rates. All products are factory calibrated and ready to perform out of the box. IMUs Designed with low noise sensors and factory calibrated over temperature. Gladiator IMUs have lightning fast output rates and multiple...

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All of our Inertial Measurement Units have a common messaging protocol enabling a user to have a “common cockpit” to move up or down in performance without having to...


Gladiator Technologies Low Noise MEMS Gyroscopes are designed for stabilization applications. Choose from high speed digital Triaxial Gyro or Single Axis Analog, suitable for a variety of stabilization applications...


INS/GPS – Inertial Navigation Systems INS/GPS Inertial Navigation Systems Gladiator Technologies Inertial Navigation Systems (INS/GPS) combine a 72 Channel GNSS receiver, and low noise MEMS inertial sensors with an...


VELOX™ VELOX™ High Speed Processing VELOX™ processing technology employs advanced rapid sampling and signal processing techniques to output data at high speed with minimal phase lag. VELOX™ enables system...

Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance MEMS inertial sensors, systems, and integrated INS/GPS. Our products are specifically designed primarily for high-end commercial applications with demanding environmental requirements; below are only a few of the hundreds of applications we have been installed on:

  • Flight Control & Sensors
  • Guidance & Navigation Control
  • Classified Applications
  • Antenna Stabilization
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Image Stabilization
  • Motorsports Racing & Formula 1
  • Missiles & Torpedoes
  • Marine Compass
  • Motion Monitoring
  • Track Telemetry
  • Energy Downhole MWD
  • Pipeline Pigs
  • Mining
  • Agriculture Systems
  • Fixed Wing UAVs
  • UUVs, UGVs, Airships
  • Gimbal Stabilization
  • Flight Testing
  • Robotics