Gladiator Technologies Pushes MEMS Performance with High Speed LandMark 60 IMU

LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers 5kHz data rates and low noise sensors with easy to configure options for application customization.

Published on September 26, 2018

Snoqualmie, WA; September 26, 2018 – GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to introduce its highest performance IMU, the LandMarkTM 60.  Designed for precision stabilization, flight control and complex motion, the LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers the accuracy and speed to replace legacy analog technologies and a price point that enables new cost-effective inertial measurement solutions.

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU features low noise gyros, 0.0016°/sec/√Hz, low noise accels, 0.05mg/√Hz and up to 6kHz data rate with external sync. Gladiator Technologies uses proprietary methods to ensure performance repeatability and to minimize sensor bias and scale factor errors over a full temperature range.  The unit itself is small and lightweight, drawing less than 500mW in typical applications.

“We’ve packed an incredible amount of performance into our all new LandMarkTM 60 IMUs,” commented Len McNally, Gladiator Technologies’ Vice President of Business Development.  “Specifically, the LandMarkTM 60 offers very low noise output with very high-speed processing and data rate in an environmentally robust package.”

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU draws upon Gladiator Technologies’ SX-series architecture, which extends sensor fusion technologies into high speed applications with industry leading message latency less than 200 µsec. The output offers minimal phase lag like an analog sensor by virtually eliminating typical signal processing and digital conversion overheads.

“The hallmark signature of our new SX Series inertial family is industry leading low sensor noise coupled with our new digital electronics architecture, which offers extremely fast data rates and reduced latency. The LandMarkTM 60 IMU offers the very best in these technologies,” stated Mark Chamberlain, CEO.

The LandMarkTM 60 IMU provides a standard RS422/RS485 digital output as well as a CAN bus output option.  External sync input, bit rate, output message rate and baud rate are all selectable via the Gladiator Technologies Software Development Kit (SDK) or by easy-to-use software protocols.  Product details are available on the Gladiator Technologies website,  Sales inquiries may be made through the contact page on the website ( or through one of the international support representatives listed on the site.


GLADIATOR TECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and supports low-noise, high performance MEMS-based inertial measurement systems and sensors for aerial, land and marine applications.  Design and manufacturing is performed on site and is certified to AS9100D.

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