Transition from AS9100C to AS9100D Successfully Completed

Gladiator Technologies is pleased to announce that we have achieved third-party certification to AS9100D. 

The certification applies to all design, distribution, manufacturing and logistics activities at Gladiator Technologies. 

The company’s previous certification was to AS9100C. The AS9100D standard is based on ISO 9001 but expands 

on that standard for the specific needs of the aerospace industry. Currently, only 115 companies in Washington State

 have successfully transitioned to AS9100D (source

“The transition to a process-based Quality Management System took us to the next level in how we manage
quality” commented Bob Bishop, Director of Quality. “With process ownership now firmly established, we will
benefit from an even more efficient and effective management of the QMS. Employees are more engaged in the
quality functions than ever before. The added value of key process indicators provides our management a visual
indication of effectiveness for each core process.”

Mark Chamberlain, CEO of Gladiator Technologies, receives the AS9100D Certificate.

AS9100D benefits include a focus on product safety, provisions for counterfeit parts prevention and an emphasis on
managing risk in all processes. Gladiator Technologies’ implementation included training for all employees as
well as internal audits to ensure understanding and compliance ahead of the third-party audit.

“LKD Aerospace’s Quality Management System also covers Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21,
sub part K. Working with Seattle MIDO, the FAA approval of the necessary changes made to meet the
transition to AS9100D was achieved without impact to our tight schedule,” stated Bishop.

The AS9100D certificate is posted on websites and Evidence of certification is also available on The
transition from AS9100C to AS9110D included a change in registrars from DQS to ASACB. LKD has worked
for many years with ASA-100 on distribution certification and is pleased to extend the relationship to our
AS9100D certification.

A300D Document Download

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