LMRK007IMU Inertial Measurement Unit

LandMark™ 007 IMU

LandMark™007 IMU is a high dynamic six-axis MEMS IMU featuring VELOX™ Processing for low latency high speed outputs. Its low-noise gyros and accelerometers in a  compact package make it ideal for use in high dynamic environments with SWaP-C restrictions. The LandMark™007 IMU is highly durable, calibrated over temperature and employs an FEA designed internal vibration isolator that can withstand vibration and shock typically associated with high dynamic applications.

  • High Dynamic 2000°/s Rate, Up to 200g Accel
  • Low Noise 0.0035°/sec/√Hz
  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing
  • 8 kHz Output Data Rate
  • 1000 g Shock
  • 15 gRMS
  • SWaP-C
  • Development Kit Available.
  • Non-ITAR

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Documents & downloads

Click below to view product features and specifications for the LandMark™007 IMU:

LandMark™007 IMU - Click to View
LandMark™007X IMU - High g unit - Click to View

The LandMark™ 007 IMU is available in the following part numbers (LandMark™007 IMU – Gyroscope Range – Accelerometer Range  Configuration): 

LandMark™007 IMU -2000-98-100
LandMark™007 IMU -2000-65-100
LandMark™007 IMU -490-98-100
LandMark™007 IMU -490-65-100
LandMark™007x IMU -2000-200-100
Standard product options which do not change the basic performance or capability may be specified.  For example, different standard connector types or pigtail terminations.

Simplify product integration and easily control firmware setting using the Software Development Kit for the LandMark™007 IMU. Includes USB cable, USB converter box, mating connector and GLAMR Software: 

SDK-SX-010 with 6 Mbaud 

Click below to download documentation including Datasheet, User Guide, STEP File, Outline Drawing and Test Data:

LandMark™007 IMU Product Documentation - Click to Download
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