VELOX™ High Speed Processing

VELOX processing technology employs advanced rapid sampling and signal processing techniques to output data at high speed with minimal phase lag. VELOXenables system designers to replace legacy analog Inertial Systems and Rate Sensors with affordable, high speed digital inertial systems and sensors.

VELOX  brings forth our unique high speed, low latency technology and creates technical advantages for system designers, especially those focused on stabilization.
  • Data Outputs up to 10 kHz

  • Message Timing as low as 185µsec

  • Minimal Phase Lag

  • Up to 6 Mbaud 

  • Up to 350 Hz Bandwidth

Products Featuring VELOX™

LandMark™60 INS/GPS
LandMark™005 INS/GPS
LandMark™60LX IMU
LandMark™65 IMU
LandMark™007 IMU
LandMark™005 IMU

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